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9 out of 10 startups fail. 
Don’t you want to be part of the ⚡ 1 instead?

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For Founders

If you're looking to hit milestones - raise funds, build your MVP or execute sprints, we've got you!

For Freelancers

Join us for fun new initiatives this September 2023, as we launch our freelance community.

A place to de-risk your business model 🚀

Fundraising 101

Financials Setup

Are you looking to add funds to your startup journey? Let’s get things set up.

B2B Matchmaking

Find Best-Fit Partners

Looking to expand your network and connections? Get to know others on the same path!

Opportunity Hub

Promote your Startup

You never know what you might find. Maybe the next breakthrough is here.

Founders need a circle a network opportunities channels funding resources mentorship willpower feedback

🦾 How it Works

Have meaningful conversations 🧠 about MVP building, fundraising, outsourcing and more — all in a supportive and inclusive circle for founders. 

Benefits for Founders

Monthly Webinars

Lean Startup 101 Webinars

End-of-month panel and expert discussions on lean startup topics, just for you!

Weekly Newsletter

Curated Startup Highlights

Topic discussions, member spotlights, resources, everything entrepreneurship.

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Stories, Wisdom, How-To's

The best resources and info on what a startup needs to launch, grow & scale lean.

Frequently Asked Questions 🙌

This is for anyone who’s motivated to learn, grow and scale lean.

If you’re an entrepreneur, startup founder or business owner looking to expand their mindset with the lean startup methodology, come on here!

This community is an initiative of Taotter Corp., led by Fae Cueto, Head of Client Success. LEANSTACK is a platform for entrepreneurs co-founded by Ash Maurya, author of “Running Lean” and “Scaling Lean”.

Everyone who wants to join the group has to fill out a quick typeform application. Member approval happens after – via an invite email with instructions.

Rest assured that any information we collect about you is protected. We do not get any of our data unless you voluntarily provide it to us.

Once you’re accepted into the community, you have access to a bunch of initiatives:

  • Virtual Networking/Meetup Events hosted by Taotter
  • Monthly Webinars on Lean Startup Topics with experts
  • Topic Discussion Spaces for all things #entrepreneurship
  • Resource channels, guides and knowledge databases
  • Access to a mailing list & curated weekly newsletter

Yes, you can invite anybody who is interested to become part of the circle. They will get accepted as long as they diligently fill out the application typeform to join the waitlist.

We do manual screening of our members to ensure a safe space for all.

Our goal for the community is a space for entrepreneurs and founders to connect, collaborate, and foster a community around the lean startup framework.

Hence, the community is FREE and accessible for all.

Taotter Founder Circle

The lean outsourcing marketplace for startups now has a dedicated space for founders.